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Man Alone

Man Alone


simplicity and complexity need each other



Leonardo Sideri is a designer. His work arises out of a comfort with the analogue aspects of the world. Experience with the design and engineering of special equipment for artists and photographers has expanded into product and furniture projects.

Recent work includes the remodeling of various properties in Hudson, New York, where he resides and from which he operates his consultancy and design services.



"X Series"

Recent work in two dimensional art has been on a series of images concerned with the "X" as an iconic symbol of Man.


556 State Street


The 556 State Street project took place over several years. Many of the inspirations for the design arose out of the effort itself: as changes were made, they inspired new opportunities for making improvements.

The organic process enabled minimal drawings and a resonance with the building's original simplicity. The DNA of a small working class row house more than a hundred years old was altered to create a residence that accommodates a living a modern life style.





As a design consultant for home and business owners, we can provide a complete range of services for interior and exterior architectural projects. We can also provide consultation services on industrial processes within the range of our expertise. Please use the contact link below to discuss possibilities.