Leonardo Sideri

The Pursuit of Art, Architecture, Philosophy, & Design

I'm a designer/consultant specializing in the ANALOGUE world of things and then some.

I've lived in Hudson, NY since 1998, and prior lived in New York City for 30 years.

My design life started in the late 60’s at Skidmore Owings & Merrill in New York City & San Francisco. It formed the foundation & school for my interest in Architecture & Interiors. I spent my time in NYC working on interior architecture & interior design projects. I have a degree in Industrial Design and I'm interested in product design and problem solving.

I've also designed and built one-of-a-kind industrial components for artists and photographers to further their craft. In 1982, I received a patent for a security product, commercially known as KeySure, recognized for its simplicity and uniqueness. It has allowed me to pursue my restless design instincts, as a dabbler/conjuror.

The past 18 years, I've pursued the renovations of various properties I own in Hudson. My last renovation was designed as an ART FORM. I served as the client, designer, and builder; it kept me physically active. The house is now simply a living example of design & craft. I changed the DNA of a modest working class house.

My philosophy about clients is: it's always about them, not me. I'm always more interested in getting the architecture and lighting correct; furnishings can always be added or changed. The best client I ever had came to me with a scrapbook of things she loved and we worked towards that end.

My art is an evolving theme based pursuit of various mediums. This is my newest endeavor, which is a logical evolution away from the rigors of building. 

My interest is to use the design intelligence I've gathered over the years to work with clients again. I'm interested in challenging small projects. I'm also available to render second opinions and solve problems.

One of a kind products interest me, whether it's a piece of furniture, a garden gate, or a light fixture. I have a broad design range when it comes to styles and materials and I'm a hands on designer. Currently I'm designing a series of small tables.

This moment, long over due, seems right for me to establish this website, as a way to let others know me. I'm ending a solitude so to speak. This website aims to represent a smattering of who I am.

All are welcome ... come visit